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ICCP Visits Beit Yaakov Synagogue

Rabbi Goldschmidt, Members of ICCP and Guests

80 Members and guests of ICCP visited the Jewish Association of The Philippines and Beit Yaakov Synagogue for a guided tour.

Executive Director Lee Blumenthal

Rabbi Jonathan Goldschmidt gave an informative lecture about Judaism. Participants learned about how Jewish people worship and live. They were able to see a Torah and various forms of Judaica. Participants were also able to ask questions.

Rabbi Goldschmidt showing a Torah

Rabbanit Elisheva Goldschmidt also gave a perspective on women in Judaism including the responsibilities of women in the religion.

Executive Director Lee Blumenthal then delivered a talk on the history of Jews in The Philippines beginning in the 1600's until the present day. Including the touching story of how President Manuel Quezon saved 1300 Jews during the Holocaust.

Members and Guests of ICCP

Afterwards a talk on Kosher and what is kosher was given by both Lee Blumenthal and Rabbi Goldschmidt. Guests were also able to have the opportunity to feast on an authentic Kosher Israeli lunch.

Members and Guests of ICCP having a Kosher Lunch

If you would like a guided Synagogue tour with lunch please contact us for inquires and pricing.

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