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Beit Yaakov synagogue is located in the heart of Metro Manila. It is the only Sephardic Synagogue in The Philippines. We are Sephardic Orthodox but we cater to Jews of all backgrounds.


The synagogue is part of a beautiful stand alone complex that houses a large multifunctional events space. Our facilities include a Bet-Hakeneset, a Social Hall, a Bet-Midrash, a Mikveh, the largest library in Southeast Asia, two kosher kitchens (Meat & Dairy) and a preschool. 


We have Monday and Thursday Minyans. Other days can be arranged upon request to our Rabbi. Our services follow the Sephardic Nusach. 


A number of activities take place in the Synagogue. We have Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah classes. We have classes for children in learning Hebrew and Torah. We have Shabbat services for children. We also have weekly Shabbat services as well as holiday services and events.


All meals served in the Synagogue are strictly Kosher and prepared in two fully equipped kosher kitchens. Food may also be purchased at the Synagogue for take out, dine-in and for tours. 

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