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Rabbi Jonathan Goldschmidt

Rabbi Jonathan Goldschmidt

Rabbi Jonathan Goldschmidt began his Jewish Education in London at the JLE (Jewish Learning Exchange). While there he met Rabbi Akiva Tatz and became interested in the subject of Jewish spirituality.

After moving to Israel in 2007 he studied in a variety of Yeshivas and Kollels including Aish HaTorah, Ohr Somayach, Shapell’s (Darche Noam), the Boston Kollel, the Kabbalistic Yeshiva of the Leshem (founded by Rabbi Zion Bracha) and Midrash Sephardi in the Old City of Jerusalem.

He completed his Rabbinical Studies at Midrash Sephardi in 2018 he was placed as the Rabbi of the Paradesi Synagogue, in Kochi, India as well as a full time Mashgiach for the Star-K (Kosher certification) working to visit several hundred factories and food processing plants throughout India and the Far-East.

Prior to completing his Rabbinical Studies, he and his family moved to South Africa where they were involved with the Muizenberg synagogue and the Cape Town Bet Din and ran Jewish Educational and Shabbat programs from their home.

Today he has relocated with his family to become the Rabbi of the Jewish Association of the Philippines, running their Synagogue, Hevra Kadisha and Torah Educational programs as well as assisting in the preschool and overseeing their Kosher kitchens while continuing to also work for Star-K throughout The Philippines.


Early Life

Rabbi Jonathan Goldschmidt was born in London, England. As a child he attended the King Alfreds School in London. He then followed his studies in a range of practical Nursing and Palliative Care counseling at the Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery at King's College University London.

He then took an interest in Music and philosophy and traveled extensively around the world. During this time he worked in a variety of fields before finally settling on becoming a Rabbi.

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