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Kosher Food in
The Philippines

We have two fully equipped Kosher kitchens which are supervised by our Rabbi and Rabbanit.

The first kitchen is for breads, cakes and dairy. The second kitchen is for meat. The kitchens are on separate floors.  Our kitchen staff are culinary school graduates and who are well knowledged in kosher cooking with the supervision of our Rabbi and Rabbanit.


We have continual education and classes to ensure our staff are well informed about all Kosher requirements.


We serve over 3,000 meals a month, This includes takeout and dine-in meals, holidays and meals for tour groups where we can send food around the country.

We also provide Kosher Meals to Philippine Airlines.


Our Rabbi is a Mashgiach.

You may also order Kosher Food by contacting us via the 'Contact Us' button

Kosher Table

Kosher Food


For more information about our menus or other offers please feel free to contact us at the office!


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Need Kosher Food?

We can provide Kosher Food for tour groups around The Philippines large scale or small. 

We also provide Kosher Food on a per order basis. 

Contact us to find out more!

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