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Thursday Shuk Market Relaunch

Updated: Apr 2

The Thursday Shuk Market that members have come to know and love over the past many years has been relaunched into something new and vibrant. The original Shuk Market started many years ago as an open lunch where members can come in on Thursdays and enjoy a Kosher meal.

Since then members have used the Shuk Market as a get together to talk to other members and to have business meetings over a Kosher meal.

During Covid the synagogue started selling and providing fresh fruits and vegetables to members who had trouble going out due to the restrictions. This has since carried over to the Shuk Market where members could have lunch and buy fresh fruits, vegetables, freshly baked goods, and imported items.

Now the Shuk has changed in decor and aimbiance. The Social hall has been split into two with a garden fence in the middle. One side of the Social Hall is for dining in. The menu is similar however we have a rotating set of specials that change each week with same of the favorites moving onto the permenant menu.

The other side of the Social Hall boasts a fresh fruit and vegetable table. The vegetables are sourced from nearby markets and delivered fresh in the mornings. Also on display are fresh breads that are baked in the mornings. The breads are a selection of; baguette, ryebread, multigrain, bagels, lacmaniot and more. We also have pastries available each week; babka, cookies, crinkles, chocolate balls and more. All of the afformentioned items are made in our Kosher kitchens daily or by order if needed outside of the Shuk schedule.

New to the shuk we have a small bazaar type of market where we have bags, earrings, hair accessories, home decor available for purchase. Rabbanit Elisheva also has an array of handmade products which include; scented candles and perfumes. Rabbi Jonathan Goldschmidt has also recently started selling his own hot sauce and chili oils.

Finally, fresh flowers are also purchased from Dangwa Flower Market which is just in time for members to buy on Thursdays for their Shabbat table on friday.

The relaunch has been very successful so far with a fully packed Shuk Market since the relaunch in November.

If you are interested in joining the Shuk Market please contact us via these channels for requests and RSVP's

0915 682 8846

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