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I Stand with Israel Event

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

The Welcome Center of The Jewish Association of The Philippines organized an 'I Stand with Israel Event' to honor all the victims and hostages during the October 7th Hamas attack.

Teddy Bears from the Embassy of Israel were also displayed in the Synagogue along with posters of hostages.

The center table during the event was also in honor of hostages, their names and photos were displayed along side flower wreaths. Candles were also in display with the number of deaths and hostages.

Speeches were given by;

Israeli Ambassador Ilan Fluss

President of the Jewish Association: Salito Malca

President of the Welcome Center of the Jewish Association: Fiona Malca

Board member of the Jewish Association: Itamar Gero

Music was played by The Bleu Rascals to entertain guests.

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